Underwhere is an AU where the characters from the Mario series (Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Super Paper Mario, and the occasional Mario Galaxy character) have been trapped in the Underwhere, a version of Hell in Super Paper Mario. Over time, the Underwhere turns into the Underground, but the characters are still trapped there.


Luigi: Asriel,

Mr. L: Flowey, 

Mario: Sans, 

Count Bleck: Asgore, 

Bowser: Undyne, 

Peach: Papyrus, 

Francis: Alphys, 

Dimentio: Chara, 

Hell Valley Creatures: Gaster, 

Mimi: Muffet

Underwhere Boat Driver: Riverperson

Squirps: Monster Kid

King Croacus IV: Mettaton

Underchomp: Greater Dog

Grambi: Gerson

O’Chunks: Mad Dummy

Bonechill: Endogeny