UnderRoleChange is my idea of a Switch Up AU. You may comment your ideas for possible role changes, and new characters. I will read the comments, so don't feel like you'll be ignored. Please enjoy my AU.




Garry (the soul of Kindness) takes the Protagonist role.

Robert (the soul of Justice) takes the First Fallen Child role.

The Caverns' Monsters

Papyrus takes the Soulless Being role.

Alphys takes the Caretaker role.

Ghrostly (a ghost) takes the Crying Ghost role.

Forest's Monsters

Asriel takes the Pun Teller role.

Flowey takes the Guard-Wannabe role.

Forest Guards

Temove replaces Doggo.

Smaller Tem replaces Lesser Dog.

Dogamy and Dogaressa are replaced by Temriodas and Temriad, names based off Welsh words.

Larger Tem replaces Greater Dog.

Waterrise's Monsters

Asgore takes the Royal Guard Head role.

Monster Bro is the new Monster Kid.

The Mad Dummy has possessed a sword and shield, making the Angry Weapons.

Dog Village

The Dogs take the Villager role.

Toby Fox takes the Odd Villager Out role, and fights you in the Genocide Post-game (if you wanna make it, I'm no developer).

Boilland's Monsters

Toriel is the Royal Scientist.

Robert, a member of Dog Village, takes the Celebrity role as RoBob. (not to be confused with the first fallen human)

New Home

Undyne takes the Queen role.

EXTREME Papyrus takes the place of OMEGA Flowey, but E-Paps isn't quite as... terrifying... and COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!!!

Sans takes Asriel's role, and is friends with the King and Queen.


JacKEP the Kinda Emerald Pickaxe is a bonus character, in any run's Post-game (again, feel free to make the game).

Gaster has been replaced with Dr Resolu Sean.

The Music

UnderRoleChange has no real songs made, but the ideas exist.

Garry's Music: A long time ago, Menu Screen

Papyrus: Your Coolest Friend, You know what's up human, Your Coolest Nightmare

Alphys: Took a Fall, Soulpain

Asriel: asriel, It's Pouring Down Elsewhere, Vengeance

Flowey: Yehehehe, Pellettrousle

Asgore: Escape!, NRAHH!, Trident of Perseverance, Fighting True Determination

Toriel: Toriel's Lab

RoBob: Time for the TV, Iron Stomper, Defeat from Coolness, Strength of -BRILLIANCE-

Undyne: Die Aquatische Königin, UNDYNE

Sans: Reminder, Bones and Skulls, Save the Universe, His Song

Robert: Venge Slashes Yet Again, It is me