<onlyinclude>There is a problem with parsing the infoboxSlightly Sue Toriel is the second monster you meet, and she is the only monster with the Stu Virus that manages to keep all of her sanity. And a slightly matching color scheme. She is the least affected character in the Underground, and the only affected character in the Ruins.


She has different shades of pink on her robe, along with purple sleeves. The main robe color is black. She is a white color with blue-gray on the tips of her ears. Her eyes can change between different shades of pink. Her eyes will be different colors if she is feeling two different emotions at once.


She is lively and caring, but she is also wary of the other humans and horrified of the monsters outside of the Ruins. She can be very strict, and if she is drunk and angry at Frisk, she often abuses them. Other than that, she has the most sanity out of anyone in the Underground.


She has all of them, but they aren't very strong.


She never fights unless she's drunk, and even if she did, her attacks are only one damage.