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"Welcome kiddo, to the error void!"
– -True Fatal Error

The Error Void (Previously A normal AU) is a location made by King Of Videogames where errors can come and hang out without pests disturbing them. It will soon be a comic strip featuring True Fatal Error and other Error Sanses. It was created after True Fatal destroyed a normal AU and made it his home. Some of its previous inhabitants still wander their previous home.

The Beginning

True Fatal Error came across a new AU while exploring the Doodle Sphere, and decided to go there. He found some of the inhabitants and decided to make friends with, but because he shares a body with Gaster, he doesn't get to decide which AU's he will show mercy on. Gaster destroyed the entire AU (aside from a few stragglers) and made it into his own 'Doodle Sphere' where Glitches and Errors could roam freely, seeking their next target.

(Some) Characters

True Fatal Error

Even though he created The Error Void, without his Gaster form he is the weakest Inhabitant (Not including the stragglers and Error Sans). He does know that some people made it out when he destroyed their AU, but he doesn't care and doesn't try to find them as he's sure his Gaster side will kill them.

Error Sans

Despite being the weakest error inhabitant, he still has quite the attitude. He normally uses the Error Void to meet new Errors to help him take down Ink Sans, though most Sanses have more important things on their mind.

Error 404

Error 404 is the 2nd strongest known inhabitant of The Error Void. He doesn't care though, and alot of the Errors like him for it. Some know his brother is still alive, but he refuses to believe them. He usually uses the Error void to hunt down Infected sans.

Error 707

Though the strongest inhabitant, he is also the most merciful, and even if he wasn't, the rules of The Error Void prevent him from attacking. He usually uses The Error Void for exploring, trying to find anyone to know how he was made.


One of the previous inhabitants of the AU, they now wander The Error Void trying to find a way out.