<onlyinclude>There is a problem with parsing the infoboxGaryStu Sans is the most powerful Sans in the Multiverse. Though he can beat out even the immortal/half-dead Sanses, nobody can beat him. He resides in Suetale.


Eyebleeding sums it all up, but we'll be a bit more serious right now. He has one orange and one green eyesocket, and dark cyan squares outlined by a dark gray line for pupils. His nosesocket is a dark green. He wears blood red lipstick, has a gold tooth, and knocked out tooth, and visible bags. His hoodie is half very very very light sea green, and the other half is a weird purplish blue. Half of his hoodie is violet, and the other half is turquoise? Aqua? I don't know. His pants are yellow with an orange and a pinkish purple stripe down the left and right sides. His slippers are different shades of blue, and his socks are different shades of white, andd his undershirt is also purple. His bones are very contrasting. His left hand is purple as well, and his right hand is light pink. His skull and the majority of his teeth are white. One of his legs is orange and the other is green. MOVING ON!


He is perfect. He is beautiful and makes people gay or straight for him. Everything he touches becomes amazing (but not as amazing as him). He almost fell in love with himself once, that's how great he is. People worship the air he breathes! He breathes, eats, drinks, and sleeps despite not needing to. Everyone loves him, even the people that he killed. They were honored to be killed by this beautiful pile of trash- I MEAN SAVIOUR.


He has everything that you can think of. Spears, Gaster Blasters, even an Undying Form, an Omega Form, a God Of Hyperdeath Form, and an Angel of Death Form. But here's an expanded list:


Purple: These bones use Karmic Retribution on you even if the user of the bones could not previously use Karmic Retribution.

Green: These heal you, though chances are that you'll never see them during a Genocide Run.

White: Standard Bone Attack

Orange: Standard Bone Attack

Blue: Standard Bone Attack

Red: These bones make you go blind for a while. Luckily, most of his attacks are very loud, as he likes to "fight with a passion".

Yellow: These bones make you go deaf. The only attacks that are hard to see are the Blasters and the Black Bones, but the Blasters attack from a distance.

Pink: These bones paralyze you for about 30 seconds. Theses are hard to see and are soundless.

Every other attack goes along with a similar code.


Ground Spears: Like Undyne in the bridge room, these spears shoot up through the ground. These are slightly weaker, at only two damage per hit.

Spear Circle: Like Undyne the Undying, these rotate in a circle around your soul.

Yellow Spear: These only attack in Green Mode. Standard Spear Attack

Blue Spear: Standard Spear Attack

Red Spear: Standard Spear Attack

Gaster Blasters

Gaster Blasters can use any variation of attack (I mean like orange attack blasters and blue attack blasters), and they shoot different things. Blue Blasters shoot "blue juice" (something for cars), Orange Blasters shoot orange juice (because who doesn't want to be flooded with orange juice), Yellow Blasters shoot...urine, and Red Blasters shoot liquid determination (when you're an overpowered freak that was only made as a joke, anything is possible!) Green Blasters shoot half-melted lime Popsicles (SLUSHIES), and there are two white blasters: Standard Blasters and Bleach Blasters, for when you need to drown someone who's seen stuff.Pink Blasters shoot Cotton Candy (you have no idea how hard I'm laughing).

Soul Modes

Justice Mode: Standard Soul Attack

Perseverance Mode: Standard Soul Attack

Integrity Mode: Standard Soul Attack

Kindness Mode: Standard Soul Attack

Patience Mode: He tries to avoid this one. You just sit there while the attacks come rolling in, because nothing can hurt you in that mode if you just stay still.

Bravery Mode: He tends to avoid this one as well. All you have to do is run around in circles.

Determination Mode: Do whatever you want. You aren't immune to attacks, though. Cracked Soul Mode: I don't know how to explain this one other than go watch an It's Me It's You ending video.

Hate Mode: You can't see your soul.

Multi Mode: Your soul is every color. Congrats, you broke the game. Kudos.

Borrowed Time Mode: This turns your soul gray and you only have a limited amount of time before you die. This is different to other attacks because timed attacks in other soul modes because in other soul modes, the timed attacks only hurt you.

Gray Mode: This makes your soul immune to anything. This is only used by GaryStu Sans to protect someone (usually Gendertale Sans).


He can use any attack! Wow! He also can choose to use KR if he wishes.


Luckily, I made some of his attacks very low. That's about it.

Other Abilities

He has teleportation, telekinesis, cloning, necromancy powers, and anything else you can think of. He can change his gender at any time (being genderfluid), and resets, data manipulation, and even deleting the game's files or the game itself doesn't affect it! He also has the ability to control people's minds. He also protects and destroys AUs if they "aren't good enough", but he prefers trying to renew the AU (which means just playing with the stats a bit so that they aren't overpowered).


This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.
Bratbrother: Bratbrother has been killed by GaryStu Sans.

Deus!Sans: GaryStu Sans once stabbed Deus!Sans with a knife to kill him.

Drift!Gaster: Once Drift!Gaster and Drift!Sans were in a fight. GaryStu Sans came down and wrecked them both.

Drift!Sans: Once Drift!Gaster and Drift!Sans were in a fight. GaryStu Sans came down and wrecked them both. GaryStu Sans and Sans.Es had a bet. GaryStu won, and killed

Dark!Papyrus: GaryStu once killed Dark Papyrus when Dark!Papyrus killed one of GaryStu Sans' friends.

Gaster Follower Sans: He and GaryStu Sans were great friends, but Dark!Papyrus killed Gaster Follower Sans. GaryStu Sans stuck up for his deceased friend by shooting Dark!Papyrus through the skull later on. Comic: He used to have a crush on Comic.

Gendertale Sans: He has a crush on Gendertale Sans.

Errortale Sans: The two have met up, and Error walked away because "+h@t 0v3rp0w3r3D Fr34k 15n`+ w0r+h mY +!m3!!" (That overpowered freak isn't worth my time!!)

Horrortale Sans (Caramel): He once met Horrortale Sans and gave him the Trickster Virus. TricksterHorror Caramel now lives next to Jawbreaker in a containment cell, far away from society.

Brainwashed! Sans: They once met and Gary Stu Sans gave him the Trickster Virus. Trickster Brainwashed (Jawbreaker) now lives in a lab in his own cage, away from all life.

Cliche!Sans: He is vaguely aware of a ripped off yet original Eror knockoff.


* He is the ultimate being of the multiverse, able to bend it to his own desire.* He can kill immortal Sanses, and has.

* He's a joke. He was made to poke fun at the more "powerful" AUs and characters.

* He used to have a crush on Comic but didn't when he killed Dark!Sans.

* He got a crush on Gendertale Sans when he played Spin the Bottle when he was young and the bottle pointed at her.

* He loves AUs.

* He is immune to the Fresh Virus and the Trickster Virus. He also has a SOUL that can cure it. However, he can also give people the Trickster Virus and the Fresh Virus.

* Despite being unkillable, he gets erased later in his story by CNAS.

* Despite having clear knowledge of the AUs and the Multiverse, he chooses not to protect, destroy, hide, or revive AUs. He usually talks to Ink, Error, Revive or Beta! to let them know if something goes wrong.


GaryStu Sans
Gary Stu Sans Sprite
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