PBBWikiTale (Or PokemonBrickBronzeWikiTale) is an Au centred around FANDOM Users from the Pokemon Brick Bronze Wiki

Au Owner: XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx


Frisk was wandering in a nearby forest than fell into a hole and was trapped in the Pokemon Brick Bronze Wiki!

Frisk had a Paintbrush which was a gift From Ink Sans, The Paintbrush left trails of ink which basically means: Vandalism, so everyone, especially Moderators like Gyradoes, Admins like SunsetKitten and Bureaucrats like CelestialCheese will try to kill Frisk.

However, some users like XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx and Craftloomia11 will support Frisk.

Main Roles

The Protagonist/Player Role: Remains As Frisk

The Empty One Role: Remains As Flowey

The Caretaker Role: Weather Synchronize

The Judge Role: XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx (me)

The Ambitious Role: TrinityFlare

The Captian Of The Guard Role: CelestialCheese

The Royal Scientist Role: Craftloomia11

The Celebrity Role: Gyradoes

The Monorach Role: APackOfSmarties

The Fallen Role: OnlyRaven

The Soulless Angel Role: Remains As Asriel


Ruins: PBB Scrapyard

Toriel's Home: Administration Page

Snowdin Forest: Mt Cragonos Page

Snowdin Town: Anthian City Page

Waterfall: Glistering Grotto Page

Hotland: Mt. Igneus Page

True Lab Remains As True Lab

MTT Resort: GRD Resort

CORE remains as CORE

New Home: PBB Wiki Homepage

Minor Roles

The Forgotten Scientist Role: Justagriffyndor

The Reculse Role: GlaceonIsTheBestPokemon

The Secret Boss Role: TheFirestlyIrfan

The Idoliser Role: AngelicCookie

The Restaurant Owner Role: SkydustMario

The Outrageous Vendor Role: 0XxJeremyxX0

The Chaotic Villager Role: Zombie Jockey of MCPE

The Accidental God Role: ShadowSkitty7

The Transport Role: Xy12345

The Club Member Role: Trevastyah

The Egigmatic Dancer Role: Youtubegirl6114

More To Be Added


The Repetitive Vendor Role: Endebros

The Anthian City Shop Keeper Role: IFauxy

The Glistering Grotto Shop Keeper Role: Jwle7

The Oppressed Vendor Role: The Blookster V2

More To Be Added

The Unit

To Be Added

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