KleptomaniacoonTale is an AU created by ShiftyTheRacoon231, where Lifty and Shifty from Happy Tree Friends are the AU's Frisks. The AU is being written in a roleplay format on the Undertale AU wiki. 

Differences(Besides Lifty and Shifty)

  • Most characters act a little grumpier tha usual, only because Lifty and Shifty annoy them.
  • The humans are replaced by animals(Tree Friends).


  • The first part came out a day after the AU's existence was announced. 
  • Shifty is the AU's creator's favorite Happy Tree Friends character. 
  • Lifty and Shifty speak, unlike they're Happy Tree Friends counterparts. 
  • Shifty is more gullible than usual. 
  • Lifty and Shifty are going Pacifist, but Asriel will most likely be at the end.