Joynantale - it's Undertale AU, where will be new characters. Idea about this AU had Arseniy 200409. Characters:

Erik. It's a yellow hedgehog with green jacket. He can attack spikes and stars. Live in Snow Cap. Sometimes, he is joking.

Tinik. It's an orange hedgefox with a blue scarf. He cooks a pizza. Sometimes he listens Erik's jokes. Likes to say "Yeah-ha-ha".

Mirochik This is an orange hedgehog that can do chaos control and the chameleon's ability to his ludest friend Eric. Mirochik likes to hang out with friends.

Klaoder Chris wants to die. Wolf lives in ruins..The grey wolf was an orphan. A good wolf to kill. And if you don't kill someone, he won't attack... But the passage of the pacifist will still attack, but his attacks will be weak..