Once upon a time, two races ruled the Overworld; The ExplodingTNT Community and Noobs.

One day, The Noobs Built too many nooby buildings and war broke out.

After a long battle. the Noobs were somehow victorius.

They sealed the ExplodingTNT Community Underground By building a wall of Dirt and Stone, The wall was so nooby that only 7 of the Noobs SOULs can break it.

Mount TNT, 20XX

The legends say that anyone who climbs the mountain, never return.


  • The Protoganist: Steve
  • The Fallen: Alex
  • The Caretaker: Failboat
  • The Judge: X-TERMIN-8 the Sylveon From Failboat's Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke Challenge
  • The Ambitious: Oshawat the Oshawott From Purple Shep's "Pokémon GO" Video
  • The Captian of The Guard: Purple Shep
  • The Royal Scientist: Pink Sheep
  • The Celebrity: Herobrine's Mom
  • The Monorach: ExplodingTNT
  • The Empty One: Hacker The Flower
  • The Soulless Angel: The Hacker


The Overworld Sprites