Edged Out Is TheHomieFriskyBitz11's Concept Take On Underfell. Lots Of Charaters Are Way Driffent From Underfell.


Frisk - N/A

Flowey - Flowey Is Way Driffent From Underfell!Flowey, As He Still Believes In The Qoute : "Kill Or Be Killed." He's Still Torn Up.

Toriel - Toriel Often Hangs Out With Napstablook, As She And Blooky Have Not Gone By The Rule : "Kill Or Be Killed." She Often Makes Pies And Muffins. She's Terrible At Cooking.

Napstablook - Napstablook And Toriel Hang Out, And He Likes Making Music On His Computer. Blooky Deeply Misses His Dead Cousin, Mettaton. Napstablook Has A Crush On Toriel.

Sans - Sans Is Deeply Inguried, And Always Hangs Out At Undynes House With Papyrus. He Got Inguried By Fighting In The War. Unlike Underfell Sans, He Does Not Serve As A Final Boss.

Papyrus - N/A

Undyne - N/A

Alphys - Alphys Is The Creator And Murderer Of Mettaton. She Killed Mettaton In A Attempt To [NSFW] Him. She Failed, And Killed Him. She Has A Crush On Frisk.

🕈︎.👎︎ ☝︎✌︎💧︎✡︎☜︎☼︎ - N/A

Mettaton - N/A

Asgore - Asgore Is The Caring King Of The Underground. He Is Deeply Depressed About His Life. He Has Tried Comitting Suicide Multiple Times. He Serves As A Final Boss For The Genocide Run.

Asriel - N/A