Biebertale, the AU where everyone is Justin Bieber.


Frisk: Justin Bieber

Flowey: Justin Bieber

Toriel: Justin Bieber

Asgore: Justin Bieber

Sans: Justin Bieber

Papyrus: Justin Bieber

Napstablook: Justin Bieber

Mettaton: Justin Bieber

Muffet: Justin Bieber

Temmies: Justin Bieber

Asriel: Justin Bieber

Undyne: Justin Bieber

Alphys: Justin Bieber

Gaster: Justin Bieber

Chara: Justin Timberlake



Same as Undertale. You save the monsters by saving everyone, and then you get to the surface.


Same as Undertale. You kill some monsters, and then you fight Flowey and then Sans Justin Bieber gives you a look.


Same as Undertale, except you kill Chara Justin Timberlake, too.


Why does this exist? 

I already made this page, and "this world will live on!" Even if it's bad and rushed.

Why is this so short? 

I just want to get this done.

Didn't this exist before?

Kind of. The page existed before, however, I couldn't change the name (I was trying to make a template at first), and it was horribly done, so I took the information and started up a new page. The original page might be deleted by now.

How did the template making go?